QS-9000 Quality Survey Report Issued by AIAG

With the release of the fourth annual Quality Survey Report from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), the automotive industry continues to demonstrate the significant value of implementing QS-9000 and other quality initiatives.

“From the results of the survey, we were encouraged to find that in the first year of QS-9000 certification, savings averaged more than six percent for our respondents,” said Larry Higgason, chairman of AIAG’s Annual Quality Survey. “And if you base that figure on average company sales of more than $130 million, that represents an average savings of nearly $8 million.”

Respondents reported, on average, improved performance including:
– 48 percent improvement in parts per million (PPM) defect rates;
– 38 percent improvement in on-time shipping performance; and
– 23 percent increase in OEM market share.

Document and data control provided companies with the most initial benefit, followed by management responsibility, process control, internal quality audits, and corrective and preventive actions.

Respondents said that elements providing companies with the greatest amount of on-going benefits were internal quality systems and training.

“Compared to last year’s quality survey results, PPMs and scrap rates improved just slightly,” said George Phelps, co-chair of AIAG’s Annual Quality Survey. “However, we were pleased to find that rework and customer returns had significantly improved.”

When asked to identify upcoming industry-wide initiatives that were needed, respondents most often named continuous improvement (69 percent), world-class manufacturing (44 percent), customer value (37 percent) and lean manufacturing (32 percent).

For a full copy of the survey results, go to the AIAG web site at: http://www.aiag.org