Positive Vote on the Draft ISO 9000 Family of Standards

A May 18, 2000 press release from the International Organization for
Standardization states the national standards institutes have returned a
positive vote on the Draft International Standard (DIS) versions of the
ISO 9000 revisions currently being developed.

The documents – ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and ISO 9004 – will now
undergo further revision before their release as Final Draft International
Standards (FDIS) in September 2000 for a two-month ballot. If that
vote is positive, the ISO 9000 revisions will be published as full fledged
International Standards before the end of the year.

The revisions are being carried out by ISO technical committee
ISO/TC 176, Quality management and quality assurance, in which
national delegations of experts from 74 countries participate.
Consensus among the experts is required on the revisions to the texts
before the drafts can be elevated to the FDIS stage

ISO/TC 176 is now processing the comments submitted by ISO
members along with their DIS votes. This work will continue at the
committee’s meeting planned for July 3-8 in Kyoto, Japan, where
agreement will be sought to elevate the revised texts to FDIS status.
Stay tuned!