Software Engineering Body of Knowledge

The IEEE Computer Society and the ACM have been actively
promoting software engineering as a profession and a legitimate
engineering discipline. The Joint ACM-IEEE Computer Society
Software Engineering Coordinating Committee authorized the
preparation of a Guide to the Software Engineering Body of

The purpose of the Guide is to characterize the contents of the software
engineering discipline, to promote a consistent view of software
engineering worldwide, to clarify the place of, and set the boundary of,
software engineering with respect to other disciplines, and to provide a
foundation for curriculum development and individual licensing material.

The current draft is organized into 10 chapters dealing with the
following Knowledge Areas:

  • software requirements
  • software design
  • software construction
  • software testing
  • software maintenance
  • software configuration management
  • software engineering management
  • software engineering process
  • software engineering tools and methods
  • software quality

To see the current version of the Guide, go to