New ISO 19011 Standard for Auditors

The certification criteria for evaluating quality management system auditors are based on the current ISO 10011 auditing guidelines. As reported in an earlier newsletter, that document and the similar guidelines for environmental management systems (ISO 14010, 14011, and 14012) will be replaced with a new ISO 19011 standard.

The second committee draft of ISO 19011 has been released for review and comment. The draft international standard (DIS) is planned for October of this year, the final draft (FDIS) for March, 2001, and the official ISO 19011:2001 standard is expected in September, 2001.

All auditors need to be aware of these coming changes since ISO 19011 is intended to provide guidance for both internaland external auditors. Any significant changes introduced by ISO 19011 are likely to result in changes to the certification criteria. Stay tuned.