Transition Training for ISO 9001:2000

Since the ISO 9000:2000 series of standards differ significantly from the current 1994 family, auditors must be trained on the new requirements. In addition, auditors will need to understand the process-based approach necessary for effective auditing against the new standard.

It is expected that the RAB and IRCA will require mandatory training on the new standard as part of their Continuing Professional Development requirement for auditor recertification. Early reports indicate the RAB will require at least 7 hours of ISO 9001:2000 training and IRCA will require a minimum of 14 hours.

We offer a two-day Preparing for ISO 9001:2000 course that would satisfy these training requirements. The next public class is planned for Atlanta on August 21-22. Click here to see the course description.

To have your scope of auditor certification include ISO 9001:2000, you will have to show evidence of the transition training, as well as, conduct a minimum number of audits against ISO 9001:2000. It is expected that audits to the DIS and FDIS versions of the new standard will count on your audit log. See the RAB and IRCA sites for more details.