ISO 9000 Revisions Move to Final Draft (FDIS) Status

More than 300 delegates from 46 countries participated in the ISO Technical Committee 176 working sessions during July in Kyoto, Japan. The Year 2000 revisions of the ISO 9000 standards received a positive vote and were elevated to the final draft stage.

Only one member voted against elevating ISO 9001 (Japan) and only one member cast a negative vote for ISO 9004 (France). All of the US concerns on the standards were resolved to the satisfaction of the US TAG delegation.

TC 176 Chairman, Dr. Pierre Caillibot, stated: “The new ISO 9000 standards approved in Kyoto will be more user friendly and more relevant in style and content to all types or organizations in all industry sectors.”

ISO will publish the FDIS versions of ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and ISO 9004 in September for a two-month ballot by all 130 of the national member institutes. If 75% of the votes are cast in favor, the documents will attain the status of International Standards. Deadlines are tight, but publication is still expected by the end of this year.