New American Standards Proposed for Quality Auditing

The ASQ Quality Audit Division has voted to start development of two new national standards for quality auditing. One standard will focus on process and product audits. The other standard will cover audits that evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the audited requirements (referred to as management or performance audits).

Although progress is being made to develop a combined international standard for auditing quality and environmental management systems, it is viewed by QAD as only addressing compliance auditing at the system level.

Note: The current ISO 10011 auditing guideline for quality systems is being merged with the similar ISO 14000 guidelines for auditing environmental systems. The second committee draft of the replacement document, ISO 19011, has been issued for review and comment. The draft international standard (DIS) is planned for October of this year, the final draft (FDIS) for March, 2001, and the official ISO 19011:2001 standard is expected September, 2001.

As technical experts, QAD will develop the two proposed quality auditing standards using the national consensus process defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). When the standards are ready, they will be given to the ASQ Standards Committee for review and forwarding to ANSI for approval.

For more information about QAD and the project plan for the two new quality auditing standards, see their web site: