FDIS Changes to ISO 9000:2000 Fundamentals and Vocabulary

The ISO 9000 Fundamentals and Vocabulary standard is considered a “normative” reference  to ISO 9001:2000 and can be considered an extension to the Requirements standard. Definitions changed in the final draft version of  ISO 9000:2000 are expected to be:

Work Environment

(DIS): a set of conditions under which a person operates.

Since this definition did not consider processes that operate without the direct involvement of a person, it will be changed to:

(FDIS): a set of conditions under which work is performed.


(DIS): a system of activities which uses resources to transform inputs to outputs.

This definition was not consistent with the definition of a quality management system as a system of processes, so it will become:

(FDIS): a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transform inputs to outputs.

Another change was to place the “fundamentals” section before the “vocabulary” section (as would be expected by the document title).

The standard presents its vocabulary in a different manner than most dictionaries. Terms are shown in functional groupings that display their relationships.

For example, the system definition links to process, which in turn points to product and project. The product definition links to service, software, and offered product. These concept diagrams help readers more fully understand terms by showing their relationship to other terms.