Reduction in Requirements for QMS Auditor

The Quality Management System (QMS) auditor certification program administered by the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) has been revised in three key areas:

Work Experience

The work experience requirement for applicants with a secondary school diploma or equivalent has been reduced from a minimum of 10 years to a minimum of 8 years.

Auditor Experience

The witnessed audit option for the QMS Auditor grade has been eliminated and your education level is no longer used to determine the required audit experience. All candidates must now perform a minimum of 6 audits (whether unwitnessed or witnessed) for a total of at least 30 audit days. At least 3 of these audits must include at least 2 days of onsite audit activity.

The prior witnessed audit criteria required from 4 to 6 audits consisting of 20 to 40 audit days depending on the applicant’s education level. The unwitnessed path required 6 to 10 audits and 30 to 50 audit days based on the education level.

Lead Auditor Experience

Applicants no longer need RAB certified Lead Auditors to witness all their audits for QMS-LA certification. Only two of the five required audits must now be witnessed, but at least one of the two audits must be while the applicant is serving as the Lead Auditor.

In addition, only three of the required audits must be two days of onsite time (instead of all five). The five required audits must still total at least 25 audit days.

Reduction in Witnessed Audits

The RAB lowered the number of witnessed audits to more realistically consider the auditing opportunities available for applicants, but kept a requirement for two witnessed audits for QMS-LA to maintain the benefits of supervised experience.

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