TL 9000 Metrics Provide Benchmark Data

TL 9000 is a telecommunication sector derivative of the ISO 9001 standard. It was developed by the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum. QuEST was founded to foster continued improvements to the quality and reliability of the telecommunications service.

TL 9000 Quality System Requirements – Book 1 (Release 2.5) establishes a common set of requirements for suppliers of hardware, software, and services. The requirements are built upon ISO 9001.

TL 9000 Quality System Metrics – Book 2 (Release 2.5) defines a minimum set of performance metrics for measuring progress and evaluating the results of quality system implementation.

A unique difference from ISO 9001 is the use of metrics to assess the quality level of products and services. TL 9000 suppliers must submit their quality data to an industry database that uses a double blind system for security and confidentiality.

Eleven metrics have been approved for use in the following categories:

Hardware, Software, and Services

  • Number of problem reports
  • Problem report fix response time
  • Overdue fix responsiveness
  • System outage measurement
  • On time delivery

Hardware Only

  • Return Rates

Software Only

  • Quality of emergency fixes (corrective patches)
  • Quality of emergency feature improvements (feature patches)
  • Quality of software updates (feature patches)
  • Failures of scheduled new software releases (aborts)

Services Only

  • Service quality

The benchmark data will be summarized on the QuEST Forum web site. Posting this data is expected to promote continual quality improvement since suppliers will be able to compare their results to the overall industry.

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