Are Quality Violations Becoming Common Practice?

The 2000 Organizational Integrity Study published by KPMG reports that quality violations in industry may have become a routine occurrence. An analysis of the survey responses found: 

  • 76% had observed a violation of company standards
  • 37% in manufacturing reported shipping low quality or unsafe products 
  • 50% said the witnessed misconduct was due to inadequate training 

Many of the suggestions for fixing these problems are already addressed by ISO 9001 and its year 2000 edition: 

  • 50% said a stronger management commitment is necessary 
  • 46% felt improved communication and training are needed 
  • 36% wanted better policies and procedures 
  • 28% suggested tighter auditing and controls 

However, having a quality management system in place is not sufficient by itself to prevent poor business practices.  Employees and management must follow the defined processes and take the appropriate actions. The entire study is available from KPMG. For more information, see their web site at