Third Committee Draft for ISO 19011 Auditing Guidelines

The Joint Working Group on Quality and Environmental Auditing has agreed to circulate its revisions to the second Committee Draft of ISO 19011 as a third Committee Draft (CD3). The three-month period of comment and balloting on CD3 is expected to complete in January 2001.

This unanticipated review cycle will delay the Draft International Standard version of the Guidelines on Quality and Environmental Management Systems Auditing until the April 2001 timeframe. However, the Working Group felt it was important to present the significant changes to CD2 for broader review before elevating the document to the DIS level.

Some of the improvements from the CD2 to the CD3 document are:

Practical Help Guidance Boxes
CD2 contained a lot of information that was either outside the scope of the document or detracted from the main body of guidance.

For example, CD2 included information about interviewing techniques, that although necessary for auditors, is not important to have within the actual guideline text.

Some of this guidance-oriented information has been retained in Practical Help Guidance Boxes to indicate the content is useful, but does not relate directly to the guidelines.

Improved Terms and Definitions
Some of the terms in CD2 were “circular”; that is, they referred to other terms that point the reader back to the original definition. These and other terms have been clarified and made more usable.

Improved Auditor Qualifications
CD2 was more geared to the auditor qualification process for third-party organizations. The revised CD3 has expanded the guidance on internal and second-party auditors.