ISO 9000 Standards to be Published on December 15, 2000

The revised ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and ISO 9004 standards have been overwhelmingly approved by ISO’s membership of national standards institutes. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has announced it will publish the year 2000 revisions of its ISO 9000 series of quality management standards on December 15, 2000.

Compared to the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) versions, only minor “editorial” modifications to improve clarity have been made to the texts which will be published as International Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000. In the case of ISO 9000:2000, more substantial modifications have been made to the definitions of auditing terms.

The changes to ISO 9000:2000 are due to the continuing evolution of the other standard in the ISO 9000 “core series”, ISO 19011, Guidelines on Quality and Environmental Management Systems Auditing. It gives guidance on auditing ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, either separately or jointly, and is targeted for publication in 2002.

The FDIS versions of ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 were approved by ISO for publication as International Standards after a two-month ballot. For your information, there were 59 positive votes out of 62 votes cast for ISO 9000; 62 positive votes out of 63 votes cast for ISO 9001; and 62 positive votes out of 63 cast for ISO 9004.

Explanatory and guidance documents to help ensure a smooth transition to the ISO 9000:2000 series have been developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 176, which is responsible for the ISO 9000 standards. This material is described in an article earlier in this newsletter, along with links for downloading copies of the documents.