Key Changes in the ISO 9001:2000 Standard

Most ISO 9001:1994 requirements are included in the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Some of the key changes in the new standard are:

  • New process-oriented structure and a more logical sequence of contents
  • Continual improvement process to enhance the quality management system
  • Increased emphasis on the role of top management
  • Consideration of legal and regulatory requirements
  • Establishment of measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels
  • Application concept (clause 1.2) to cope with a wide spectrum of organizations and activities
  • Monitoring of information on customer satisfaction as a measure of system performance
  • Significant reduction in the amount of required documentation
  • Terminology changes and improvements for easier interpretation
  • Increased compatibility with the environmental management system standard
  • Increased attention to the availability of resources
  • Determination of training effectiveness
  • Measurements extended to system, processes, and product
  • Analysis of collected data on the performance of the quality management system