How Well Do You Know ISO 9001:2000?

How well do you know the new ISO 9001:2000 standard? Can you identify the clauses for these requirements?
(See the answers at the end of the newsletter)

   1. Reviewing the system at planned intervals: __________
   2. Identifying the status of product measurements: __________
   3. Maintaining process equipment: __________
   4. Handling, packaging, and storing products: __________
   5. Preventing the recurrence of nonconformities: __________
   6. Maintaining evidence of conformity to acceptance criteria: _________
   7. Ensuring requirements are complete and unambiguous: _________
   8. Identifying the control of outsourced processes: __________
   9. Planning for design review, verification, and validation: __________
 10. Including a quality manual in the documentation: ___________