RAB-Approved ISO 9001:2000 Transition Classes

Our Auditor Refresher course is approved by the RAB, and accepted by IRCA, for the required transition training for certified auditors and lead auditors. The course is also valuable for previously trained internal auditors that need to understand the new ISO 9001:2000 requirements and consider the possible effects on audit approaches.

Our transition training course has been taught 20 times over the past three months. It was selected by a major registrar to train nearly 100 of their auditors.

The Auditor Refresher course will be taught in Atlanta on:

  • June 4-5 ($650)

Auditor Refresher classes will be taught in San Diego on:

  • April 18-19 ($650)
  • May 23-24 ($650)

Our course is also offered by CEEM under the title “Auditor Transition” in the following cities:

  • April 9-10 in Chicago, IL ($795)
  • April 19-20 in Reston, VA ($690)
  • May 22-23 in Reston, VA ($690)
  • June 19-20 in Baltimore, MD ($795)
  • July 16-17 in San Antonio, TX ($795)
  • August 27-28 in Chicago, IL ($795)
  • September 18-19 in San Diego, CA ($795)
  • November 8-9 in Orlando, FL ($795)
  • November 14-15 in Morgan Hill, CA ($795)
Please note the fee for Auditor Refresher is $650 per student. The fee for Auditor Transition is $795 per student (except for classes in Reston at $690). To arrange an onsite class for your organization, please call us at 800-404-7585.