Audits of Registrars as Aerospace Suppliers

Registrars that perform audits of aerospace suppliers to the revised AS9100 requirements will be considered as suppliers and audited by companies in the aerospace industry. Frank Paskiewicz of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was quoted as saying any use of third-party quality system surveillance is considered a supplier activity and must be appropriately controlled.

Dale Gordon, chairman of the Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) and director of quality and business improvement for Defense North America at Rolls Royce, stated in Quality System Update: ” We fully expect to perform witness audits with the registration companies and monitor their activities, because it is our suppliers for which they are doing work. During surveillance and/or registration audits, we will accompany the registrars. The industry made this decision and the registrars fully know when they sign up to perform AS9100 registration this is going to be imposed on them.”

The AS9100 quality standard for the aerospace industry has been revised for ISO 9001:2000 and will be available from the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) in August. The revised AS9100 uses the ISO 9001:2000 clause structure and contains no new requirements (beyond those of ISO 9001:2000).

However, AS9100 reinstates some language on inspection and test that was dropped from ISO 9001:1994. According to one of the document authors, this is a sensitive area for the FAA and civil air authorities. Although most readers would consider the subject to be adequately covered, the more specific wording for inspection and test was used for people that might be reading the standard for the first time.