Revision for ISO 9000-3 Software Guidelines

The ISO 9000-3:1997 Guidelines for the Application of ISO 9001 to the Development, Supply, and Maintenance of Software will be revised to incorporate the verbatim text of ISO 9001:2000. The revised ISO 9000-3 is expected to be published in 2002.

The software guidance document will include references to these related (existing or developing) standards:

  • ISO 12207 Information Technology — Software Life Cycle Processes
  • ISO 15504 Information Technology — Software Process Assessment
  • ISO 15939 Information Technology – Software Measurement Process Framework
  • ISO 9126 Software Engineering – Product Quality – Quality Model and Metrics

The ISO 9000-3 revision will provide cross-references to these standards to identify available information so organizations don’t try to reinvent the wheel when implementing software practices.