Selection and Use

The brochure on Selection and Use of the ISO 9000:2000 Family of Standards is actually a collection of several documents at the ISO web site. The first part of the brochure explains its purpose and identifies the contents of the rest of the sections. You can see the opening section of the brochure at:

The ISO 9000 Family portion of the brochure lists the standards, guidelines, and technical reports that make up the family. Go to
<> to see the list.

The Examples of the ISO 9000 Standards in Use provides typical applications of the standards in different industry scenarios. Link to
<> to see these examples.

The Implementing your ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System identifies the steps involved in setting up a system. Go to
<> to read about these implementation steps.

Maintaining the Benefits and Continual Improvement is a short, one page section of the brochure, but worth reading at: