Ten Tips for Selecting and Using a Consultant – 1. Train your internal auditors on the new standard

ISO 9000:2000 defines an auditor as a person with the competence to conduct an audit. Competence is further defined as the demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills.

New internal auditors should attend a three-day ANSI/RAB-NAP accredited internal auditor class to learn good practices and how to interpret ISO 9001:2000 requirements. See the list of accredited course providers at: http://www.rabnet.com/qc_dir.htm

Previously trained internal auditors should attend a two-day RAB approved auditor transition class to fully understand the new and changed requirements and to adjust their auditing methods. See the list of RAB approved course providers at: http://www.rabnet.com/content/ISO9k2k/ApprovedCourses.htm

The internal auditor and auditor transition courses explain the new concepts and terms associated with the new ISO 9001:2000 standard and ensure consistent interpretations of its requirements. Since you will need evidence your auditors are competent, remember to keep records of their training (along with their required education, skills, and experience).