Ten Tips for Selecting and Using a Consultant – 5. Focus on new and changed requirements

Market research firms often track the use of certain key words in newspapers and trade magazines to determine the general level of interest and acceptance of new topics.

If we look at the word counts in ISO 9001:2000 compared to ISO 9001:1994, we see a dramatic shift in emphasis for some important areas:

  • The word Customer is now used 48 times instead of 18 times
  • Customer Satisfaction appears 8 times compared to only once
  • The words Plan, Planned, and Planning occur 32 times versus 20 times
  • Quality Objective can be found 11 times instead of only twice
  • Improve and Improvement are included 21 times instead of only once

Since the auditors working for Registrars have been through recent transition training on the new standard, they will naturally focus on the new and changed requirements when they assess your system. Therefore, your own internal auditors should also pay special attention to these areas when judging compliance to ISO 9001:2000. Section 5 of the Transition Planning Guidance document summarizes the key changes between ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:1994. You can view this guidance at: http://www.iso.ch/iso/en/iso9000-14000/iso9000/2000rev4.html