The Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning

The IEEE Software Magazine recently included an article on “The Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning” by Editor in Chief, Steve McConnell. The project planning sins are listed below (with my comments):

1. Not planning at all (carefully consider your project needs).
2. Failing to account for all project activities (develop comprehensive plans).
3. Failure to plan for risk (attack the risks before they attack your project).
4. Using the same plan for every project (old plans may not work for new projects).
5. Applying prepackaged plans indiscriminately (canned plans may not match your needs).
6. Allowing a plan to diverge from project reality (change plans as conditions change)
7. Planning in too much detail too soon (expand plans as information becomes available).
8. Planning to catch up later (projects seldom make up lost time; they fall further behind).
9. Not learning from past planning sins (hold post-mortem reviews to learn the lessons).