Summary of ISO 9001:2000 Requirements

5. Management Responsibility

5.1 Management Commitment

Top management must provide evidence of its commitment to develop and implement the quality management system, as well as, continually improve its effectiveness by:

  • Expressing the importance of meeting requirements

  • Establishing the quality policy and quality objectives

  • Conducting management reviews

  • Ensuring the availability of necessary resources

5.2 Customer Focus

Top management must ensure customer requirements are determined and met in order to improve customer satisfaction.

5.3 Quality Policy

Top management must ensure the quality policy is:

  • Appropriate to the purpose of the organization

  • Focused on meeting requirements and continual improvement

  • Used as a framework for quality objectives

  • Communicated and understood at appropriate levels

  • Reviewed for continuing suitability

5.4 Planning

5.4.1 Quality Objectives

Top management must ensure quality objectives, including those needed to meet product requirements, are established at the relevant functions and levels within the organization. Quality objectives must be measurable and consistent with the quality policy.

5.4.2 Quality Management System Planning

Top management must ensure that planning for the quality management system:

  • Meets the general requirements (4.1), as well as, quality objectives (5.4.1)

  • Maintains the system integrity when changes are planned and implemented

5.5 Responsibility, Authority, and Communication

5.5.1 Responsibility and Authority

Top management must ensure responsibilities and authorities are defined and communicated within the organization.

5.5.2 Management Representative

Top management must appoint a member of management who, irrespective of other duties, has the responsibility and authority to:

  • Ensure the needed processes are established, implemented, and maintained

  • Report to top management on quality management system performance

  • Report to top management on any need for improvement

  • Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements

Note: The responsibility of a management representative may include liaison with external parties on matters pertaining to the quality management system.

5.5.3 Internal Communication

Top management must ensure the appropriate communication processes are established and carried out within the organization regarding the effectiveness of the system.

5.6 Management Review

5.6.1 General

Top management must review the quality management system at planned intervals to:

  • Ensure a suitable, adequate, and effective system

  • Assess possible opportunities for improvement

  • Evaluate the need for any changes to the system

  • Consider the need for changes to the quality policy and objectives

Records of the management reviews must be maintained.

5.6.2 Review Input

Inputs for management review must include information on:

  • Results of audits

  • Customer feedback

  • Process performance and product conformity

  • Status of preventive and corrective actions

  • Follow-up actions from earlier reviews

  • Changes that could affect the quality system

  • Recommendations for improvement

5.6.3 Review Output

Outputs from the management review must include any decisions and actions related to:

  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes

  • Improvement of product related to customer requirements

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