Feedback from Early Movers to ISO 9001:2000

A March 2002 article in Quality System Update (and the April 2002 issue of Quality Progress) described survey results for organizations that have completed registration to ISO 9001:2000.

One quarter of the respondents said they needed an extra audit day from their registrar to complete the registration. Another quarter reported it took them two extra audit days. Three or more additional days were needed by one fifth of the surveyed organizations. About one third said they completed the transition process without requiring any extra audit days.

The benefits most commonly attributed to ISO 9001:2000 were:

  • Use of data for business management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased management commitment
  • More effective management reviews
  • Improved customer communication

The survey performed by the Product Support Initiative is sponsored by the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC 176 and the American Society for Quality. To complete the survey for your organization, go to: <>.