Transition Deadline for ISO 9001:2000

Only 1 in 20 organizations registered to a 1994 version of ISO 9001, ISO 9002, or ISO 9003 have completed the move to ISO 9001:2000. The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has issued a statement warning organizations that time is running out. Since 1994 certificates expire at midnight on December 14, 2003, only about half of the original 3 year transition period is remaining.

The IAF consists of many of the world’s best known accreditation bodies, including the National Accreditation Program in the United States. Their statement said if organizations postpone the transition to the latter part of next year, registrars may be overloaded and unable to schedule the extra audit days. Organizations are being encouraged to begin the transition process as soon as possible.

Three years sounded like a long time when the transition period was first announced. The deadline now seems much closer. Read my article, Ten Tips for Moving to ISO 9001:2000, in the April 2002 issue of Quality Digest.