Measurement Systems Analysis

The 3rd edition of the Measurement Systems Analysis reference manual is available from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). The guidelines document has been rewritten and is nearly double in size.

The first chapter provides General Measurement Systems Guidelines and has sections on terminology, measurements, effects of variability, measurement strategy and planning, gage source selection process, measurement issues, uncertainty, and problem analysis.

The chapter on General Concepts for Assessing Measurement Systems covers selecting and developing test procedures, preparation for a measurement system study, and the analysis of results.

The next chapter on Recommended Practices for Simple Measurement Systems provides guidance on determining stability, bias, linearity, and repeatability and reproducibility. The chapter also covers the range method, average and range method, graphical analysis of results, and attribute measurement systems.

The chapter on Practices for Complex Measurement Systems addresses stability studies and variability studies. The final chapter covers other measurement concepts. The document concludes with appendices, a glossary, a reference list, and sample forms.

The AIAG members can purchase the document for $9.00. Non-members will pay $27.00. Call the AIAG Customer Service department at 248-358-3003 to place an order.