ISO Guidelines for Education Sector

Guidelines for implementing ISO 9000 quality management systems within organizations providing educational services will be developed at a workshop in Mexico in October 2002.

While ISO 9000 users already include educational establishments, the guidelines will help this sector implement the new ISO 9001:2000 standard. The guidelines are to address all levels and types of education, including: elementary, medium, and higher education; special and adult education; and distance and e-learning.

ISO will publish the guidelines as its second International Workshop Agreement (IWA). This is one of several ISO alternatives to International Standards for cases where swift development and publication takes priority. Compared to the usual ISO process of developing International Standards through its technical committee structure, IWA’s are developed in open workshops.

ISO/IWA 1, published in 2001, provides guidelines for process improvements in health care sector organizations (based on ISO 9004:2000).