RAB Decision on Transition Training

The RAB Auditor Certification Board announced last week their decision on the deadline for ISO 9001:2000 transition training.

1. The deadline for auditors to submit evidence of completion of transition training remains December 15, 2002.  Those that do not have evidence of acceptable transition training on file by that time will lose their certification.

2. The deadline for RAB approval of transition training providers has been extended until December 15, 2003.  Any RAB approved transition training provider may continue to claim RAB approval until that date.

3. Auditors who have not taken transition training by December 15, 2002 will have the option to re-instate their certification within one year (12/15/03) if they are able to demonstrate successful completion of acceptable transition training within that time period.

This is a change from the previous RAB position that any auditor not completing transition training by the 12/15/02 deadline would need to re-apply as a new applicant and re-take a 5-day lead auditor class. However, auditors are still being strongly encouraged to complete and submit their transition training by the 12/15/02 deadline.

Re-instatement is a more involved process than a renewal and the auditor will most likely incur additional fees for the re-instatement. For your information, our RAB-approved auditor transition classes for the rest of this year are listed below. We have classes scheduled for Dallas, Reston, Atlanta, Orlando, San Diego, and San Jose.