Most Significant ISO 9001:2000 Findings

The US TAG to ISO/Technical Committee 176 implemented a Product Support Initiative (PSI) as a means of seeking input on the new standards. The specific goals of PSI are to help enhance the value of the ISO 9000:2000 family, help organizations conform to ISO 9001:2000, and provide inputs on their implementation experiences.

The online PSI survey of these quality management systems indicates that internal and external audits are most frequently identifying these findings:

Most Frequently Identified Nonconformities  Respondents
1. Documentation Gaps        35%
2. Customer Satisfaction Data/Assessment        23%
3. Continual Improvement Process        21%
4. Effective Control of Processes        21%
5. Objectives Not Measurable        19%
6. Record Keeping Gaps        19%
7. Collection and Analysis of Data        18%

These same respondents found conformity to ISO 9001:2000 has led to these improvements:

Greatest Improvements Due to ISO 9001:2000  Respondents
1. Use of Data as Business Management Tool        62%
2. Increased Management Commitment        56%
3. Improved Customer Satisfaction        53%
4. More Effective Management Reviews        53%
5. Improved Customer Communication        44%
6. Other        24%

To take the online survey for your organization, go to <>.