Book Review: Customer Satisfaction

Craig Cochran is the author of a book titled, “Customer Satisfaction: Tools, Techniques, and Formulas for Success”. Craig begins by explaining how different customers can use the same product and yet have radically different views of its quality.

He presents five tools to help your organization monitor and analyze customer satisfaction:

1. Call Reports – use of existing communication systems to probe customer perceptions
2. Field Reports – visits to customer sites to gather more in-depth information
3. Comment Cards – simple tool to capture user information on products and services
4. Complaint Systems – use of customer complaints for positive organizational responses
5. Customer Surveys – quantitative customer views of your organizational performance

Craig describes the use and benefits, and provides samples, of these tools. The paperback book is only 90 pages, but filled with good information about customer satisfaction. It is light on theory, but heavy on practical tools. His writing style makes for easy and enjoyable reading.

You can order a copy at: <>. Be sure to use the Caps where shown.

Craig told me he will send electronic copies of the tools to anyone that buys his book.