Metrics for Customer Satisfaction

The TL 9000 Metrics Handbook (for the telecommunications industry) contains guidance on customer satisfaction metrics that would be useful for ISO 9001 quality management systems. It gives basic guidelines for a customer feedback mechanism and refers to a detailed customer satisfaction survey. This information may assist you in the design or review of your own customer feedback program.

The purpose of the described metrics is to measure and improve the degree of customer satisfaction with your organization and its products from the customer point of view. Survey topics might include:

Quality of Delivery

  • on-time delivery
  • due dates met with consistent follow-up
  • competitive lead times
  • proper items and quantities
  • accurate identification and documentation
  • handling of emergency deliveries

Quality of Pricing

  • competitive¬†pricing
  • stable and accurate prices
  • advance notice on price changes

Quality of Customer Service

  • compliance to contract items
  • representatives have sincere desire to serve
  • feedback provided from factory
  • cost effectiveness recognized
  • market insight
  • training provided on products
  • support on technical matters
  • invoicing efficiency
  • issuance of credit notices
  • order acknowledgment
  • adherence to company policy

Quality of Product

  • reliability/durability meets specifications
  • documentation, instructions, technology
  • packaging, suitability, environmental aspects
  • contract service quality

To see a sample survey, go to: <>. It has more questions than some customers would be willing to answer, and the response key is a little confusing, but you may see some topics of interest.