Eradicate Jargon with Bullfighter

Bullfighter™ is a free software tool from Deloitte Consulting to help eliminate business jargon. “We’ve had it with repurposeable, value added knowledge capital and robust, leveragable mindshare. Enough, already,” says Brian Fugere, partner at Deloitte Consulting. “If Corporate America wants to restore public trust, we need to start speaking and writing more clearly. Less empty rhetoric about openness, honesty and accountability, and more straight talk.”

Bullfighter runs in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, within Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP. It works a lot like the spelling and grammar checker in those applications, but focuses on jargon and readability. It searches documents for jargon and unnecessarily complex language, flogs the author for trying to use egregious bull, suggests replacements, and then assigns a Bull Composite score.

Deloitte used the tool to examine a wide range of communications from companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and found that straight-talking companies outperform companies that use vague, unclear communications. “We’re hoping Bullfighter will shatter the credibility of business jargon, and make business communications safer for all of us,” said Fugere. “We’re just as guilty as the next consultant when it comes to using words like paradigm, bandwidth, and leverage, but we’re committed to straight talk as a way of doing business – and Bullfighter is helping us get there.”

Take the bull by the horns. You can download Bullfighter for free, or order a free CD-ROM/book package, at <>. That red and black bull icon on your Word and PowerPoint toolbar could change your life. Unless you believe in expressions like ‘value-based paradigm shift’ or in multi-syllabic sentences that run on for ages, you owe it to your loved ones and co-workers to try it. The documents you save could be your own.