What Changes are Planned for ISO 9001?

Many of you have just completed the transition to ISO 9001:2000 and may not be ready to hear that  work begins this month on the next ISO 9001 edition. However, don’t panic, the publication date will likely be in 2008.

The changes to ISO 9001 are expected to be minor and driven by the users of the standard. Any changes will be to clarify the requirements and any additions will be to increase the value of using the standard. Most of the revisions will probably be to the ISO 9004 guidance document.

The US representatives have agreed to the following process for considering any ISO 9001 changes:

1. Do not change its structure.
2. Develop a process to identify weak areas.
3. Review AS9100, ISO/TS 16949, and TL 9000 to consider common add-on requirements.
4. Evaluate any new or changed requirements based on demonstrated, data-driven need.

If you want a voice in the revision process, you can complete the ISO 9001:2000 survey at:<http://www.asq.org/mr/psisurvey.html>.