ISO Guidance on Self-Declaration of Conformity

If your organization doesn’t need an ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certificate to satisfy customer, regulatory, or internal requirements, then the new ISO 17050 guidance on self-declaration may be of interest.

ISO Guide 22 was issued in 1996 to provide general criteria for a supplier’s declaration of conformity. However, it has been used primarily for self-declaration on product standards. ISO 17050 is being drafted to replace Guide 22 and will explicitly state self-declaration of conformity applies equally to management systems.

An ANSI spokesman was quoted as saying self-declaration may be a viable option for organizations that do not need third party registration. ISO 17050 will provide guidance on the way to make the self-declaration and the documentation needed to support it. However, some customers will continue to require suppliers to be third party registered due the assurance and confidence provided by the independent assessment.

ISO/DIS 17050-1 ¬†Conformity assessment — Supplier’s declaration of conformity — Part 1: General requirements
ISO/DIS 17050-1 ¬†Conformity assessment — Supplier’s declaration of conformity —¬†Part 2: Supporting documentation