Questions to Ask in an Audit of a Process

In our new one-day course, “ISO 9001:2000 Auditor Update: The Process Approach”, the following questions are suggested for an audit of a process:

  1. What is the purpose of this process?
  2. Who is the process owner?
  3. What are the ‚Äúcustomer process” requirements?
  4. What are the process inputs? (Who supplies them?)
  5. What resources are needed for the process?
  6. What are its outputs? (Who receives them?)
  7. How do you know what to do? (Look at methods)
  8. What training, skill, and experience are needed?
  9. How do you know if these inputs are okay?
  10. Show me, or tell me, how you do it (Look at records)
  11. How do you know if it is done right?
  12. When it is not right, what do you do?
  13. How is the process controlled?
  14. What are the process objectives?
  15. How is the performance measured?
  16. How are internal suppliers evaluated?
  17. Do these outputs meet requirements?
  18. What customer process feedback is requested?
  19. How could this process be improved?