ISO 7200:2004 for Product Documentation

Would your organization like clarity and cost-cutting with well-designed product documentation? Well, ISO 7200:2004 should make it easier for companies to communicate with their suppliers, customers, consultants, and other partners by improving the way product documentation is processed in computer systems.

As companies spread out geographically, and as out-sourcing of production tasks and the use of subcontractors increase, a standardized way of documenting information is required to serve as a stable means of communication and to reduce the risk of misinterpretation, errors, and additional costs.

ISO 7200:2004, Technical Product Documentation – Data Fields in Title Blocks and Document Headers, will facilitate the exchange of documents and ensure compatibility not only in computer systems, but also in paper-based form by defining a common way of transferring and presenting information.

It will serve as a platform for communication by helping to facilitate information exchange between involved parties and, in so doing, help ensure that specified requirements are fulfilled in all phases of the product life cycle, from design concept via manufacturing, maintenance to final phase out.

The new standard specifies the data fields used in the title blocks and headers of technical product documents that will allow information to be identified, recognized, understood, and properly handled. It is applicable to all kinds of documents for all kinds of products – in all fields of engineering.

ISO 7200:2004, which replaces, ISO 7200:1984, has been updated to include the handling of information in electronic form and to apply to both textual and graphical documents.