Office Solution Accelerator for Business Scorecards

Microsoft recently announced a Business Scorecard addition to their suite of Office Solution Accelerators.

These Accelerators are integrated sets of software components, templates, and architectural guidance designed to solve a specific problem across common business areas. Built on the Microsoft Office System, these free Office Solution Accelerators can help your company address its key enterprise needs.

Three of the Accelerators are briefly described below. To read more, see a demo, and download free copies, go to:<>.

Accelerator for Business Scorecards 
Simplify the creation and management of business scorecards to achieve faster, better decisions aimed at improving business performance.

Accelerator for Sarbanes-Oxley
Better manage compliance initiatives related to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by having more visibility over your company’s financial processes and controls.

Accelerator for Six Sigma
Deliver faster financial and operational benefits from your investments in the Six Sigma methodology.

Although the Accelerators are free, they require one or more programs, servers, or services in the Microsoft Office System. The actual requirements depend on each Accelerator. The most common requirements, however, are Office 2003 Editions, Windows® SharePoint Services, and SharePoint Portal Server 2003.