New US Supplemental Version of ISO 19011

The new US supplemental version of ISO 19011 is now available from ASQ. It contains the full text of ISO 19011:2002 (the auditing guidelines standard for quality and environmental systems), along with supplemental text intended for organizations with simple systems.

The official title of the document is ANSI/ISO/ASQ QE19011S-2004. The additional guidance is provided for small organizations that may wish to consider its application to the full range of audit activities (first, second, and third-party audits) and for any users that wish to apply the standard to internal (first party) audits and external supplier (second-party) audits.Since the definition of small organizations may vary, the concept of a small organization in this supplement relates not only to the size of the organization, but also to the complexity of the management system, complexity of the product and processes, the organization’s regulatory environment, and the effectiveness of communications within the organization.

Therefore, the guidance given for small organizations may also apply to larger organizations with simple management systems, simple products and processes, little regulatory impact, and good communications processes among the personnel, functions, and management levels.

An electronic version of QE19011S-2004 can be downloaded for $80.00 at <>.