Obstacles on the Path to Registration

Are you planning to seek registration to ISO 9001:2000 or one of the related industry sector schemes? Be prepared to encounter one or more of these problems on your journey:

1. Difficulty identifying and creating new processes within the system.
2. Creation of unneeded detail in documented procedures and instructions.
3. Lack of visible and demonstrated management commitment and support.
4. Personnel not following the prescribed procedures per their training.
5. Resistance by some employees to process measurements and change.
6. Conflicting interpretations within the organization and by the registrar.

7. Mandated and unrealistic timeframes declared by top management.
8. Required use of inherited policies and procedures from other organizations.
9. Ineffective corrective actions based on poor root cause analysis.
10. Lack of information and internal communications on plans and results.
11. Lengthy and untimely document review and approval process.
12. Delays due to a limited budget and higher than expected costs.

By recognizing what might go wrong, you can do a better job of avoiding these typical obstacles on the path to registration.