ISO Software Engineering Standards Issued in 2004

These software engineering standards issued by ISO in 2004 may be of interest to your organization:

ISO/TR 9126-4:2004 – Software engineering – Product quality:
Part 4: Quality In Use Metrics.
 Provides quality in use metrics for measuring the attributes defined in ISO 9126-1 (Quality Model). ISO/TR 9126-4 contains an explanation of how to apply software quality metrics, a basic set of metrics for each characteristic, and an example of how to apply metrics during the software product life cycle.

ISO/TR 14143-5:2004 – Information technology – Software measurement – Functional size measurement:
Part 5: Determination of functional domains for use with functional size measurement.
 Describes the characteristics of Functional Domains and the procedures by which characteristics of Functional User Requirements can be used to determine Functional Domains.

ISO 15504-3:2004 – Information technology – Process assessment:
Part 3: Guidance on performing an assessment.

ISO 15504 (all parts) provides a framework for the assessment of processes. This framework can be used by organizations involved in planning, managing, monitoring, controlling and improving the acquisition, supply, development, operation, evolution and support of products and services. ISO 15504-3:2004 provides guidance on meeting the minimum set of requirements for performing an assessment contained in ISO 15504-2.

ISO 16085:2004 – Information technology – Software life cycle processes:
Risk management. 
Defines a process for the management of risk during software acquisition, supply, development, operations and maintenance.

ISO 18019:2004 – Software and system engineering:
Guidelines for the design and preparation of user documentation for application software.
 Describes how to establish what information users need, how to determine the way in which that information should be presented to the users, and how then to prepare the information and make it available.

ISO 90003:2004 – Software engineering:
Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2000 to computer software.
 Provides guidance for organizations to apply ISO 9001:2000 for the acquisition, supply, development, operation, and maintenance of computer software and related support services.

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