Next Revision to ISO 9001 is Planned for 2008

Based on ISO TC 176 committee meetings, it appears the next revision to ISO 9001 may be published in third quarter 2008. The ISO 9001:2000 changes are being called an “amendment” to convey the committee’s intent to limit the changes to those needed for clarification of the standard. Anything considered having a high impact on users will be held for a future revision. For the ISO 9004:2000 guidance document, the term “revision” is being used since the committee intends to introduce substantive changes.

The committee has developed a revision criteria document to help them evaluate the potential impact and benefits of proposed changes. Each change will be categorized as high, medium, or low impact, as well as, high, medium, or low benefit. The impact of a change on requirements, users, training, and documentation will be considered when classifying the proposed change. Likewise, benefits will be classified based on improvement of clarity, elimination of inconsistencies, increased compatibility with ISO 14001, and reduction in translation problems.