Quick Reference for AS9100B:2004

A clause-by-clause summary of the AS9100B:2004 requirements has been added to our web site. This Quick Reference identifies the additional AS9100B:2004 clauses beyond those in ISO 9001:2000 by displaying them in Italics. ISO 9001:2000 clauses with additional AS9100B:2004 requirements or notes have an “*” in the AS column. Clauses with AS9006 clarifications or requirements for deliverable software are identified with a “S”. See the example for clause 4 below:

AS9100 Revision B Clauses
Summary of Requirements
4. Quality Management System


4.1 General Requirements

Implement quality system and continually improve it
4.2 Documentation Requirements


4.2.1 General


Include the required documents and records
4.2.2 Quality Manual


Establish and maintain a quality manual
4.2.3 Control of Documents


Ensure documents are at right revision in right places
4.2.4 Control of Records


Identify records and keep as evidence of conformity
4.3 Configuration Management


Use product configuration management process