New IEEE Software Standards

IEEE 1220:2005 – Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
The interdisciplinary tasks that are required throughout a system’s life cycle to transform stakeholder needs, requirements, and constraints into a system solution are defined. This standard is intended to guide the development of systems for commercial, government, military, and space applications. The information applies to a project within an enterprise that is responsible for developing a product design and establishing the life cycle infrastructure needed to provide for life cycle sustainment.

The 96 page standard can be ordered at the IEEE web site.

IEEE 828:2005 – Software Configuration Management Plans
The IEEE standard for Software Configuration Management Plans has been revised as 828:2005. This standard  establishes the minimum required contents of a Software Configuration Management (SCM) Plan. It applies to the entire life cycle of critical software, e.g., where failure would impact safety or cause large financial or social losses. It also applies to noncritical software and to software already developed. The application of this standard is not restricted to any form, class, or type of software.

The 30 page standard can be ordered in softcover print format or PDF download format.