Suspension of RABQSA Certification Transition

RABQSA has announced the suspension of the Certification Transition Plan requiring auditors to transition to the competency-based certification schemes for QMS, EMS, Food Safety and OH&S. The 31 December 2006 transition deadline has been suspended, to allow auditors more time to choose their certification scheme.

“The message we have received from our customers throughout 2005 is that more time is required to allow auditors to decide on the value of transitioning from the current qualification-based certification schemes to the internationally recognized competencybased schemes”, said Michael Carmody, CEO RABQSA.

RABQSA will continue to offer both its traditional qualification and the new competency-based certification products, including the associated Training Course Certification and TPECS certification products, until our customers have had sufficient time to make an informed choice as to the most appropriate scheme that will serve their needs.

RABQSA will engage industry, and its current certified professionals, to promote the value of being internationally recognized to deliver a professional service and product direct to industry; and providing a career pathway for people seeking competency based, professional certification.

“The future value of personnel certification to industry will be based on the demonstration of your ability, not simply showing your qualifications”, said Carmody; “It’s about confidently showing your customer, you are the right person with the knowledge and skill for the job no matter where you choose to work”.

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