Quality Management Gives Competitive Advantage

The Aberdeen Group recently issued a report that revealed more than half of best-in-class companies cite enforcement of quality procedures as the top strategic action for their business. Manufacturers that have developed a quality management program that spans from suppliers, through sales and production, and out to the end-customer are achieving competitive advantage.

According to the research presented in the report, “The Product Quality Benchmark Report: Achieving Quality across the Global Manufacturing Network”, leading manufacturers are creating competitive advantage by incorporating performance metrics into production and business processes, implementing corporate education initiatives, and embedding corrective actions into standard operating procedures.

This benchmark study reveals that best-in-class companies are much more likely to have a global quality program in place. And, they are four times more likely than average performers to empower their decision makers with web-based, integrated technologies. Many of these leading companies are also considering either business intelligence solutions or corporate-wide quality databases to help further their quality goals within the next two years.

According to the Aberdeen Group, manufacturers should create a comprehensive quality management strategy that spans procurement, product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution systems, customer relationship management, and their document management systems. Quality metrics, functions, and data should be managed across both the supply chain and the product lifecycle, transcending functionally-oriented systems. For more information, go to the Aberdeen Group web site.