ISO 19770 for Software Asset Management

ISO 19770-1:2006, Information technology – Software Asset Management – Part 1: Processes, will enable organizations to benchmark their capability in delivering managed services, measuring service levels, and assessing performance. It is expected to result in improved efficiency, risk management, and customer satisfaction, as well as, reduced costs.

Software asset management principles apply to the media, installations, licenses, proof of license, and intellectual property associated with the software. Until now, the application of these business processes has been arbitrary and relatively few organizations have been able to implement a comprehensive strategy. The implementation of ISO 19770-1:2006 will standardize the framework, making it possible for companies to integrate Software Asset Management into their other compliance and best practice models.

“The standard will help companies better manage their software assets and their accompanying licenses,” explains Roger Wittlock, Convenor of the working group that developed the document. “Companies who understand usage patterns, asset inventory, and specific contract terms are potentially saving millions in license costs and maintenance fees each year.”

ISO 19770:2006, which is issued in two parts under the general title, Software Asset Management, will enable service providers to understand how to enhance the quality of service delivered to their customers, both internal and external.

  • Part 1: describes the processes involved in software asset management
  • Part 2: defines a product identification to simplify the software inventory process

The standard is intended to align closely to, and to support, ISO 20000:2005, issued in two parts under the general title, Information Technology РService Management.