OPM3 Assessors and Consultants

Organizational project management is the systematic management of projects, programs, and portfolios to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. It focuses on the clear correlation between an organization’s management capabilities and its effective implementation of strategy, which directly impacts financial results.

Successful organizational project management can be a decisive strategic advantage in a competitive economy. The degree to which an organization practices this type of project management is referred to as its organizational project management maturity.

What is OPM3?
Just as individuals benefit from achieving personal maturity, organizations can benefit from achieving organizational project management maturity. Developed under the stewardship of the Project Management Institute (PMI), OPM3 is an acronym for the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. It is a standard unlike any currently available tool or model, and is delivered through a convenient online database accompanied by a book.

OPM3 provides:

• Knowledge about organizational project management, organizational project management maturity, and what constitutes Best Practices in organizational project management;

• The ability to perform an Assessment of the current state of organizational project management maturity; and

• Assistance to organizations who wish to identify and embark on a path for Improvement and that increases its project management maturity

It is through these three interlocking elements—Knowledge, Assessment, and Improvement—that OPM3 can enable an organization to improve its ability to achieve its strategic goals. For an executive overview of OPM3, go to the PMI Web Site.

OPM3 Certification Program
PMI and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) have launched an OPM3 ProductSuite Certification Program. The Program is accepting individuals that have consulting experience, have conducted assessments, and are able to pass an entrance exam covering various aspects of the OPM3 Standard.

The OPM3 ProductSuite is offered by DNV on PMI’s behalf, and consists of three basic elements — certifications, tools, and services — with DNV serving as the exclusive provider of Certified OPM3 Assessor and Consultant training, testing, certification, and registration services.

The Certified OPM3 Assessors and Consultants will deliver OPM3 Assessment and Improvement Services to organizations interested in measuring their level of project management and using this information as a basis for improvement. The program includes an entrance assessment, case-based training, license to proprietary software tools, and most importantly – certification credentials.

The names of the resulting PMI OPM3 Certified Assessors and Consultants can be added to the official PMI Registry so companies in need of assessment services will be able to easily locate OPM3 Certified individuals. For more information about the selection process, experience requirements, or program dates and locations, go to the OPM3 ProductSuite Web Site.