ISO 25062 for Software Usability Test Reports

ISO 25062:2006 provides a standard method for reporting software usability test findings. The format is designed for reporting results of formal usability tests in which quantitative measurements were collected, and is particularly appropriate for summative or comparative testing.

The Common Industry Format (CIF) does not indicate how to perform a usability test, but provides guidance on how to report the results of a usability test. The CIF targets two audiences: usability professionals and stakeholders in an organization. Stakeholders can use the usability data to help make informed decisions concerning the release of software products or the procurement of such products.

The format includes the following elements:

  • Description of the productGoals of the testTest participantsTasks the users were asked to performExperimental design of the testMethod or process by which the test was conductedUsability measures and data collection methods
  • Numerical results

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