QMS Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR) is an association of accredited management system registrars operating in North America. The results of their satisfaction survey on the reasons for, and benefits of, quality management standards are posted at their web site.

When asked if their present certification had been a positive experience, 96% said yes. More than 2500 customers responded to questions such as:

Select the one main reason your organization obtained certification to a quality management standard.

Improve quality 14%
Reduce cost 1%
Risk management 1%
Customer mandate 29%
Corporate mandate 9%
Legal reasons 1%
Competitive pressure or advantage 17%
Implementation and control of best practice 10%
Continual improvement based on customer requirements 16%
Other 4%
Total 100%

To see the complete survey results, go to the IAAR Web Site.