Top 5 Information Technologies in 2007

There are five new technologies that appear to be the ones to watch this year according to Computerworld’s Vital Signs survey of 252 IT executives.

To start, 1) Server Virtualization has caught the eye of organizations that want to transition from multiple operating systems to a smaller number of strategic platforms. Such virtualization masks server resources and creates partitions known as environments. The end result is that new automated servers begin to manage themselves.

In the world of publishing, 2) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are beginning to catch on, lowering the cost of printing and delivering paper materials. ECM works by allowing companies to manage the workflow of articles as they are reviewed, edited, published, and output in various formats.

3) Content Security programs, which come formatted to a company’s specific needs, are having an impact for employers who need to both protect sensitive information on their severs, and make sure no one is leaking out information.

4) Asset Management and 5) Business Process Management programs rounded out the list, with the former keeping track of a company’s hardware and other equipment, and the latter allowing offices to share access to records that would formally have been tracked in hardcopy files.

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